Link your Shopify Store to TikTok Shop for Business

Introduce your Shopify items to a massive audience of TikTok shoppers. Shopify TikTok integration by M2E makes it simple to manage listings, handle sales, and maintain synchronization between your stores.
Introduce your Shopify items to a massive audience of TikTok shoppers. Shopify TikTok integration by M2E makes it simple to manage listings, handle sales, and maintain synchronization between your stores.

See how your business can thrive

Create product listings on TikTok with ease
No matter your inventory scale, you can quickly match items from your Shopify store to the appropriate TikTok Shop categories. Just a couple of clicks, and your items are ready to bring you sales with M2E TikTok integration.
Enhance handling of TikTok orders
Every customer order made on TikTok Shop is imported so that you can process and ship orders within one application. The M2E app ensures that all order details and status updates align between your TikTok and Shopify stores.
Maintain up-to-date TikTok inventory
Synchronizing your product data on TikTok and connected platforms is no longer an issue. The M2E app automatically adjusts item information, prices, or quantities in TikTok and Shopify as soon as you make the changes, in line with your sync settings.
Broaden your sales opportunities
Showcase your items to millions of TikTok viewers and then branch out to other major marketplaces. Use the M2E eBay TikTok connector to gain even more interested customers or list TikTok products on Amazon to expose your offers to a worldwide audience.


Starter 1K

Total monthly sales allowance
< $ 1,000
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 1,000
monthly sales allowance

Starter 5K

Total monthly sales allowance
$ 5,000
$ 5.00 per additional $ 1,000
outside of the monthly allowance
19 $
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 1,000 - 5,000
monthly sales allowance

Business 20K

Total monthly sales allowance
$ 20,000
$ 5.00 per additional $ 1,000
outside of the monthly allowance
79 $
Chat + Ticket support
Up to 20,000 - ∞ monthly sales allowance
You can sign up for free to get started with a 30-day free trial. The Starter 1K plan gives you free access and the opportunity to test the platform, which includes $1000 GMV per month.

Expand your e-commerce venture on TikTok using the M2E app:

  • Multiple award-winning
  • eBay Gold Partner
  • Amazon Dev Council member
  • Walmart Global partner
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How to create a TikTok shop?

Start with creating a TikTok Business profile. Then, find the "Commerce" menu and opt to "Create a Shop" from there. Proceed by following the on-screen instructions to add items, define payment options, and tailor your storefront. If you’re already running a store, seamlessly migrate your listings to TikTok via the M2E app without rebuilding your whole catalog.

How to sell on TikTok with Shopify?

If you have an existing Shopify store and a TikTok Business profile with its own shop, you’ll need a third-party solution to connect these two platforms. M2E Shopify TikTok integration lets you import Shopify items to TikTok in several clicks, conduct sales, and handle your inventory from both stores in one place, synchronizing your product and order data along the way.

How can I add Amazon products to my TikTok Shop?

While Amazon and TikTok Shop don’t integrate directly, you can rely on external solutions for this purpose. With the M2E app, you get an opportunity to expose your Amazon and Shopify items to the large TikTok community. Link your profiles, select the items you wish to feature on TikTok, and let the app synchronize your stock and sales, keeping product information spot-on.

How do I link my eBay shop on TikTok?

If you are a TikTok seller with active listings on eBay marketplace, you can link these two stores through M2E TikTok integration. With its help, you can easily add eBay items for sale on your TikTok Shop. All it takes is connecting your profiles, adjusting the basic configurations, and selecting the items you intend to sell. The M2E app also takes care of inventory and order synchronization, keeping your business afloat without much effort on your part.
Use case
The problem
Manual Product Management: Manually listing and updating products on TikTok is time-consuming and prone to errors.
The solution
Rely on M2E TikTok integration to optimize your selling operations and minimize the amount of manual work. Integrating with Shopify and other well-known platforms, the M2E app synchronizes every update, from stock or pricing tweaks to product data changes and order statuses, in real-time, directly to your TikTok Shop. You can manage all TikTok-related transactions from a single application without the hassle of switching between systems.

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Helps to expand on new markets

M2E Cloud is a miracle platform which easily allows to list all your products on popular marketplaces and manage everything from one app in a full sync. I was delighted about how this app is easy to use and don’t require hours of trainings on how to use it. Apart from that, guys from a support team is very responsive and willing to help. M2E Cloud is a true gem for ecommers sellers who want to expand on new markets. I wish M2E team much of success, tons of released features and thousends of new clients! Good luck!


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